Terms and Conditions

– Passengers must call +1 (415) 569-0869 if there’s any problem locating the chauffeur. If the passenger/s leaves the pick up location without notifying a full no show charge will apply.
– To Book a new ride visit www.limolaneinc.com or info@limolaneinc.com
– Be advised that All services are subject to change upon travel time.
– Limolane has the right to reject any reservation.

– 30 minutes free waiting time for domestic airport pick ups.
– 45 minutes free waiting time for international airport pick ups.
– 15 minutes free waiting time for all other pick ups Locations.
– $30.00 for each child seat.
– $25.00 for each extra stop.
– $30.00 meet & greet fee.
– Cancellation Policy states that, cancellation of all airports trip, charters and point to point require at least a 24 hours notice for Sedan, SUV.
– Cancellation of all trips types for Sprinters Vans, Mini Coach and Full Coach require 72 hours notice. Within the seventy two hours cancellation and no-shows will be 100% charge.
– Limolane and/ or its affiliates reserve the right to refuse the service to anyone and update or change any contact before sending to their respective.
-Any quote given on our price list, we add 20% gratuity for any scheduled ride.
– For any hourly charter service, charges begin at the scheduled pick up time or when the passengers enter the vehicle, whichever is first, all hourly charter must be continuous, any 15 minutes over the hour will considered a full hour.
– Smoking in any of our Vehicles is strictly prohibited, any signs of smoking in the vehicle will result in minimum mandatory $250.00 cleaning fee, any sign of smoking which are detected the chauffeur reserves the right to terminate the trip, at full charge to the passengers.
– A cleaning fee of up to $500.00 may be assessed for trash, unsanitary debris, regurgitation or spills left in the vehicle, charges will apply to correct damages and sanitation standards, any physical damage done by the passenger or group will result in an additional assessment for repair parts and labor, broken or missing glasses will be charged at $20.00 each.
– Passengers not over 21 will not be allowed in vehicles if any alcoholic beverages are present. We do not promote alcohol nor provide, passengers are free to bring their own if they are at the legal age.
– Limolane and or its affiliates HAVE NO liability whatsoever for any samples, display, property or personal effects left in the vehicle by the group or the passengers.
– Limolane and or its affiliates has the right to use any of its affiliates, contact or subcontract any group of individual reservation.
– Limolane and or its affiliates does not allow any group nor passengers to use the vehicle for any activity that is illegal and prohibited under any applicable law, the party who made the reservation or provided credit card information shall be responsible for any damages to the vehicle caused by any of its passengers or by third party due to a fight or any other misconduct. Any fines will be paid for by the customer. The driver has the right to terminate run without refund (if there is blatant indiscretion on the part of the client(s)). It is Illegal to stand through the sunroof.
– Limolane is Not responsible for delays or the termination in winter caused by unsafe road conditions ( accidents, etc.)